Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Interesting Connections

I have never been a fan of social media until I signed up for a daily report on the number of folks who come to my website. I am amazed! I have been making art, putting it on the website (my galleries like that), but I never really thought anyone looked at the site. That is how I came across Corina S. Alvarezdelugo. My report so thoughtfully (thank you, www.fineartstudiosonline.) provided a link to where some of those viewers came from. It seems that Corina wants to come to one of my workshops, From Pulp to Painting, Exploring Paper and Wax, but the one closest to her, probably the three day workshop through the International Encaustic Conference, ( happens on the day of her son's graduation. On her blog Corina was made an appeal to her followers to help with that cause.
That's when I think I got it! Social media is about connections. Here was someone wanting to come to one of my workshops and was asking for help. So, I will. Along with what Corina is offering to those who donate to her cause, I am adding one of my works from the series Grandma's Sewing Box. The show was designed for the Austin International Airport invitational in 2009 and was created to honor the women in my grandmother's family who lived off the work of their hands. More on that story tomorrow. So, if you feel inclined, go to Corina's blog, make a donation and Fretts and Fasteners (above) could be yours! It retails for a little more than the price of the workshop so it is worth helping out my new best friend. You go girl! See you at the Encaustic Center ( in April.


  1. Love this!!!!! Wish I could take a workshop, but live in Michigan.

  2. Hmmm...I coming as far north as Providence this year. I'll put you on the list if I get up your way. Thanks for the comment. It's almost as good as getting an old fashioned letter!

  3. How wonderful of you, Michelle!!!

  4. Thanks so much Michelle, I'm just reading this lovely post of yours!!! I feel so honored by your words and so blessed that God send you my way!!

    I know we'll meet soon in Dallas!!!