Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hopping into Spring with Artful Gathering!

It's Spring in Texas and time for the annual Blog Hop where discerning students meet potential teachers as they hop from blog to blog around the world looking for treasure words for huge art prizes!  I am excited to once again be a part of Artful Gathering, the unique summer online art retreat with the coolest classes. This year I will be teaching Nature Papers and Beeswax Bundles involving my two favorite materials, paper and wax.  

What is it about paper that fascinates artists?  In my early years, paper was the most affordable canvas for my work.  Now, I simply prefer it.  My love of paper led me to papermaking almost twenty-five years ago.  There is nothing better than to be able to turn nature's bounty into beautiful sheets of handmade paper.  In my online class this summer students will experience the wonder of turning pulp into amazing paper, rich with bits of flower petals and dried grass.  This paper can be colored and embossed in the process and used later for collage, painting or journal work.  In a second project we will learn how to print directly onto paper using only steam and botanicals to create beautiful eco prints.

Beeswax is a natural preservative that becomes a painting medium with heat.  As a medium, wax can be pigmented, layered and textured.  Encaustic can take transfer, stencil and collage to create interesting and complex surfaces.  In this class we will use beeswax to create stunning covers that when combined with our own handmade papers become BEESWAX BUNDLES.  Join me this summer in creating one-of-a-kind keepsake treasures for your own journal work or to give away to friends.  They are so easy to make that you will want to make many!.

And...since this is MY week to lead the hop--just in time for Easter, I might add-- put your eagle eyes on and look through this blog for the important...hard to find...super secret....word that will win you prizes.

Hmmm...where to look...? Hmmm....not here....hmmmm.....

It must be here somewhere....
P.S.  If you haven't started the Blog Hop yet, there is still time to catch up. Start your hop HERE.