Wednesday, September 10, 2014

OPENstudio...An invitation!

Patricia Seggebruch has a new dream and she is inviting all of us to be a part of OPENstudio.

I have been working with Trish for six or so years now and she never ceases to amaze me.  In 2010 she saw the need to gather as a community of artists working in wax--- EncaustiCamp was born. Now in its fifth year, the annual gathering of encaustic enthusiasts has grown into two new venues, EncaustiCamp AU (Australia) and EncaustiCamp Bali.  It has been my pleasure to teach with Trish and her outstanding faculty of artists and can attest to the wonderful blend of professionalism, warm hospitality and enthusiastic learning that characterizes these communities.

After traveling for two years throughout Australia and New Zealand introducing those "down under" to encaustic painting, Trish and her husband are coming back to the US to fulfill a life long dream of opening a space for all of us.  Part B&B...part International Workshop Space...part Artist Residency...part model of sustainable living, OPENstudio  will be a new home away from home for artists all over the world.

You can support this dream with your crowd funding contribution.  For those of you who are new to crowd funding, supporters of a worthwhile project pledge monetary support at a variety of levels.  Each level has an incentive attached as a thank you.  The donation remains a pledge until and when the full goal is reached.  It is a real way for each of us to become a part of something big.  My husband and I are donating and we invite you to review the videos and join us in supporting OPENstudio.  I look forward to seeing you in Kentucky next year!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Masks, Robes and Runes

Lyn Belisle and I have teamed up to create a new kind of workshop experience.  These one day and weekend events are part Art Retreat where we delve into the richness of symbol and mythology.  They are part Communal Circle as well. The workshop takes place at Lyn's warm and welcoming studio in San Antonio, Texas--lovingly dubbed, "A place of creative belonging." We share laughter and stories and a great meal provided by her chef husband.  They are part Art Class as we  learn one new skill in both encaustic painting and mixed media and come away with a completed work imbued with personal meaning.

Our participants come from all walks of life.  They are women and men who call themselves "art dabblers," and professional artists and art teachers who enjoy being in the company of other artists.  We have those who come for the spiritual component of the day and others who come for the camaraderie.  Others come to learn something new to use in their own work.  A few come because this structured time provides just the right amount of "mini-vacation" where they can complete a piece of art.  One or two just come for the food! Why ever they come, they do.  We had to keep opening dates for the Wax and Wings workshop to accommodate the numbers.

Lyn and I have such a great time working together.  Our skill set complements one another and our temperaments meld well.  These workshops are truly the highlight of my teaching each semester.  If you are in the San  Antonio area, join us for our newest workshop, MASKS, ROBES AND RUNES.  If you can't make the date, March 29, 2014, let us know and we will put you first on the list when we have to open up a new date.

Wax and Wings Workshop  Click on the link to see Lyn's video of our last workshop, Wax and Wings.

Close up of one of the art works
Working hard!
A sampling of the delicious lunch...